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Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM)

Our CRM systi is based on the Customer Optimisation Route and Evaluation (CORE) algorithm, the software tool can measure how much a given condition satisfies a criteria. It can therefore measure levels of satisfaction and provide a metric called the "Satisfaction" or the "S" value.

The Satisfaction value (S) is a numeric value between 0-100. Where S = 0 dionstrates no satisfaction and S = 100 represents maximum satisfaction. satistica™ measures the "s" value in real-time. Therefore, the raw data can be collected from any data acquisition systi (e.g. Databases, Online Forms or Questionnaires, Field Sensors, and SCADA) and immediately converted into meaningful and actionable information.

Our CRM solutions encompass (Dashboard and reporting systis):

  • identifying the Target Audience
  • Constructing the Questionnaires
  • Collecting Data (Interviews, online or other special needs)
  • Validation and Verification of the Collected Data
  • Real-Time Data Analysis and Reporting in a customisable dashboard style format

Our CSM services:

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  3. Turnkey Technology Solutions more…
  4. Build Advisory Expert Team to provide advice on improvements, upgrade, expansion, and updates to your existing system more…