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Consultancy and Expert Networks

We consultancy and expert network (CEN) services provide wide range of advice on the areas of our Activities: Waste Management, Water Management, Flood Management, Drought Management, Sustainability Development, Circular Economy development, Plant Monitoring and Control System, and Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM).

We can provide specialised advice to individuals, companies, consortiums, Non-Governmental Organisations, Governmental Organisations, Funders, and Investors on the specialist areas.

With one of the richest global network of practitioners, academics and specialist organisations, we are able to assemble expert teams to tackle and provide focussed advice in the relevant areas of our expertise and activities. 

Our Consultancy and Expert Networks activities encompass:

  • Troubleshooting and provision of reports and technological solution for specific problems or phenomena (e.g. climate, environment, assets, resources, production process…).
  • Operational and Capital Expenses (Opex and Capex) analysis.
  • Specialist Seminars, Conferences and Brainstorming gatherings to tackle special cases (short term, long term and strategic) guidance, programmes and planning of infrastructure or reaction forces.