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Turnkey Technology Solutions

Our unique highly customisable, scalable and interoperable plant monitoring, control and optimisation solution will guarantee tangible and visible benefits. Our unique data acquisition, Data Analytics (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence), Performance Models (Grouped as Five Key Performance Indicators) is one of a kind.

The only solution that seamlessly interlinks Engineering Level (sensors, actuators, machines, and processes), to Operational Management Level (Productivity, Efficiency, Energy, Environmental Impact, Quality, and Inventory Control) to Strategic Level (Economic, Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction).

Our Plant Monitoring and Control Systems provides a helicopter view of performance in the most simplistic (traffic sign) collecting minute details of complex system/plant/process information and interpret them into a visual singular metric.

Our Trunkey Technology Solutions encompass:

  • Upgrade and update of existing technologies.
  • Full identification and deployment of the most suitable data acquisition technologies (sensors and actuations, equipment, machines, processes)
  • Design and implementation of safe and secure scalable Monitoring and Control networks (machine-to-machine and Plant-to-Plant)
  • Full deployment of control and monitoring systems (SCADA) and Control technologies such as PLCs, and other industrial controllers.
  • Overall system performance monitoring Dashboard customisable at various levels and user requirements.
  • Interface with CRM and SAP and other legacy and existing technologies.


We will not spend your money and our reputation where there is no added value. Your current technologies will be used and utilised to their best performance level and where necessary new technologies at every level (Engineering, Operational and Strategic) will be added.