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Nature Based Solutions and Circular Economy

Design and implementation of Water-Food-Energy-Employment-Land Use nexus.

SatisticaTM provide circular economy consultancy based on the fundamental principles of circular economy strategies - reduce, reuse and recycle in order to close the loops of materials and energy flows and eliminate waste. In line with the main aim of circular economy – to decouple resource use and environmental impact from the economic activities, we apply different existing and established methodologies, such as Material Flow Analysis (MFA), environmental (LCA) and economic (LCC) impact assessment to evaluate the circularity performance of different product/service systems. We deliver demonstrable and visual interface for evaluation of the circularity potential of the system and support operational, legislative and policy targets. We address and explore market opportunities and environmental, institutional, social and legislative barriers and drivers to support the strategic business planning.

Our circular economy solutions encompass the following founding principles:

  1. Systems thinking
  2. Eco-effectiveness and cradle to cradle design
  3. Reduce, reuse and recycle
  4. Maximising the value of by-products
  5. Industrial symbiosis
  6. Waste equals energy/food

Our services:

  1. Feasibility Studies more…
  2. Research and Development new bespoke systems from Concept to Commissioning more…
  3. Turnkey Technology Solutions more…
  4. Build Advisory Expert Team to provide advice on improvements, upgrade, expansion, and updates to your existing system more…