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Sustainable development

SatisticaTM team has a vast experience in sustainability assessment of different product/service systems. Our experts have conducted several environmental studies in industrial, municipal and agricultural context. We deliver all stages of environmental impact assessment following the ISO14040 standards and advise clients on incorporating sustainability principles including resource efficiency, management of natural resources, low carbon operation, waste minimisation and social-economic aspects. Our missions is to ensure long term environmental, social and economic sustainability by the identification and implementation of innovative sustainability solutions focused on mitigation of the water, energy and carbon footprint, reduction of costs and increasing the value of the product/service to the customers. Our skills include:

  1. Life cycle assessment (LCA) analysis
  2. Water, energy and carbon footprint assessment
  3. Life cycle costing (LCC)
  4. Environmental policy support
  5. Social-economic assessment

Our services:

  1. Feasibility Studies more…
  2. Research and Development new bespoke systems from Concept to Commissioning more…
  3. Turnkey Technology Solutions more…
  4. Build Advisory Expert Team to provide advice on improvements, upgrade, expansion, and updates to your existing system more…