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Water Management

Our team has a solid experience in tackling a diverse number of water management issues. We are working on the development and implementation of innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions for managing the water utilities infrastructure throughout the entire water supply chain.

Our expertise cover range of multidisciplinary activities including: water resources management and planning, treatment works design, monitoring and optimisation, flood risk assessment. SatisticaTM provides range of expert consulting services including:

  1. Sustainability assessment of the whole water supply chain
  2. Energy efficiency and process optimization
  3. Carbon and water footprint assessment within the water – food – energy nexus
  4. Development, application, optimization and validation of advanced systems, innovative processes and technologies for wastewater treatment and valorisation
  5. Water supply management addressing groundwater and surface water challenges
  6. Development of decision support tools for water resources management

Our services:

  1. Feasibility Studies more…
  2. Research and Development new bespoke systems from Concept to Commissioning more…
  3. Turnkey Technology Solutions more…
  4. Build Advisory Expert Team to provide advice on improvements, upgrade, expansion, and updates to your existing system more…